School Visits

Roy High School:

I had so much fun at Roy High!! Those kids were amazing! I was lucky enough to visit two Creative Writing classes where we discussed the Rule of Three and did some characterization and setting exercises. I was also able to give a presentation on the Elements of Story during their intervention period. It was a blast! The kids were so involved and had incredible imaginations.

Here’s what Mr. McKinley, the Creative Writing teacher had to say about the visit:

“When (Kelly, K.A. Parkinson) came to my class, my students were excited to meet a “real” author. They were not disappointed. Her easy, honest manner and her experiences were both comforting and inspiring. The students saw that she was a person just like them who had worked hard and followed her dream. This showed them that there is nothing standing in their way, no secret to success but perseverance. After her visit my students had a renewed interest in creative writing and a new vision of how to reach their goals. I’d like to thank her for sharing her book and her story with us.” –Shaun McKinley-Creative Writing teacher at Roy High School

Bear River High School:

No pics with this visit. My photographer/sister-in-law couldn’t make it:).

Once again I had a great time. My computer was too tiny to link up to the projector so we ended up not being able to view the PowerPoint that went with the Elements of Story presentation, but we had a great time anyway discussing the seven basic elements that make up every great story. They were very respectful and I was very impressed by how many turned up–taking away part of their extended lunch hour in order to come. (I’m sure the extra credit offered by their Language Arts teachers helped:). We really had a lot of fun and I’m hoping for more opportunities to visit this awesome school.


McKinley Elementary:

This is my second visit to the third graders at McKinley and they are so AMAZING!!! They never cease to amaze and inspire me with their kindness, imaginations, and all-out-awesomeness. With younger audiences I focus on wordplay games and the power of imagination–and these kids have great ones I’ll tell you that! I love their enthusiasm and rapt attention. I left feeling like I could conquer the world:). I feel so privileged to have met and interacted with these fantastic kids.




* If you would like more information on specific, age-appropriate, presentations please contact me directly*

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